Let us assist you with EA

Trading Technologies provides web hosting services for the Expert Advisors (EA”) or Robots for clients using EasyTrader trading platform, specifically with Our.
The hosting is performed by Trading Technologies, through Virtual Private Server (“VPS”), using the data center facilities to allow businesses to locate physical hardware in order to provide a direct Internet Service Provider (“ISP”) connection.
We connect your trading platform/Our to the broker's server, and allow your EAs to receive quotes, analyze them and perform trading automatically.

What is your benefit of using VPS through Trading Technologies?

  • Cost free;
  • No need for set-up or maintenance, from your side, all the technical matters are handled by Trading Technologies;
  • In case of a force majeure, your trading platform will be working, without distractions;

If you use a home PC, without VPS, in order to be connected to EA, your computer has to be connected to a server 24/7, while there are risks of disconnections due to electricity loss, internet disconnection etc (force majeure), at the most critical moments, leaving open positions vulnerable. Our VPS is the right solution for “round-the-clock trading”!

If you have your own EA and you just need it to be hosted, we can do that for you.

Please fill in the requested information in order for us to host your
Expert Advisor

1.Choose an Expert Advisor

Open the “Market” tab in your Our Terminal. Choose an EA from the window. For further information regarding a specific EA functionality , please read the description provided.





Note: In some cases timeframe is mandatory. Pay attention to the description of the EA

2.Any specific settings that EA allows to modify in “Inputs”.
For example: Max spread, volume, SL and TP, etc.

You need to read the description thoroughly because those specifics will be different for each EA. In case you don’t want to apply any changes, you need to leave the default ones that your EA suggests.

3.Provide us with your credentials for:


No Visible


(Register on - https://www.mql5.com/en/auth_register)

No Visible

4.If you want to run free EA the MQL5 balance can be zero. In case where the EA is not free and you need to buy or rent an EA, you will need to top-up the balance of your MQL5 account. You can do through the MQL website - Profile/Payments/Top-up MQL 5 Services.

5. You can see your trades that the EA has openned for you and you can close them directly or wait for the EA to close.
In case you want to stop functions of the EA, or stop the Automated trading completely - you need to send the request to our support. Your request will be operated during the working hours from 10am- 7pm GMT+3 from Monday to Friday.